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HAMMER guarantees the highest quality of 100% Italian Made products, entirely designed and manufactured within our 8 factories located in the industrial area of Molfetta (a 30000 m² area). Our process begins with cutting-edge design, then production, and finally, we move to the sale of our small to medium-sized hydraulic attachments. Also, we offer a wide range of multi-brand spare parts



The Factories

In the 8 factories of Molfetta our work is always oriented towards research.


CNC Machines

The workshop department is equipped with 65 high productivity CNC Machines.


Produced units/year

The 4.0 industrial plan has helped optimize even more the manufacturing process.


Robot Station

The carpentry department, equipped with 5 latest generation equipment. 

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SB Series

FX Series

DX Series

FP Series

FR Series

FK Series

FRK Series

MQP Series

MCK Series

KSC Series

GR Series


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